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I don't have a working computer, and my phone doesn't support the DeviantART app (I'm using someone else's phone to post this), so that's why I haven't been on recently. I'll try to post from this phone and start replying to messages, but it'll take awhile. I also might make a new account, so I'll link to it if I do make one.
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*Says I'll post more art, then disappears off the face of the Earth for months*

So yeah, I'll try to post some drawings, although I doubt I will any time soon.

Now I'm going to go look through my 14,000+ messages.

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I'm back. I havn't had wifi in forever. I'll be posting some random crap soon so yay. Oh, and thanks to everyone who watched me/ sent me a llama/ favorite my art while I was gone. Bye ._.